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All our treats are freshly baked to order using only the freshest and finest ingredients we can get our hands on; for example fragrant fresh vanilla beans, homemade conserves, exotic spices, premium chocolates, rich butter and fresh cream, as well as hand picked fruits and nuts from local organic farms and traders.

We know everyone says this but we really mean it – the care and attention we put into each and every one of our cupcakes, cakes or cake pops; is only matched by the quality of the ingredients we use, so our cakes will always taste every bit as good as they looks.

To place an order today, book online or please contact us.

Cupcakes are generally covered and decorated with standard buttercream icing, unless we specify otherwise. The final flavour used is determined by your choice of cupcake.

Celebration cakes are generally covered and decorated with italian meringue buttercream or ganache, unless we state otherwise. If you do not like italian meringue buttercream or ganache, please let us know when ordering, as your celebration cake can be covered in either standard buttercream or fondant (- which is an automatic option for intricate cake designs).

All our celebration cakes are filled and/or torted. Our fillings vary from strawberry, raspberry, apricot, bespoke flavoured buttercream, caramel or chocolate.

We fill each of our celebration cakes with a filling which we believe best compliments the flavour chosen. If you would prefer your cake to be filled with a specific filling which varies from the flavour specified in its description (see above), please let us know when placing your order and we will let you know if this is possible.

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