Our Cakes

All our treats are freshly baked using only the finest ingredients we can get our hands on.

We use fragrant extracts, homemade conserves, exotic spices, premium chocolates, rich butters, creams and yogurts, as well as hand picked seasonal fruits and nuts from local traders. The care and attention we put into each and every one of our cakes, is only matched by the quality of the ingredients we use, so our cakes will always taste every bit as good as they looks.

Cake Flavours

Classic Vanilla

Classic Chocolate

Red Velvet


Sweet Potato

Banana + Coconut


White Chocolate + (?)Berries

Lemon, blueberry + Poppy Seed

Black + White

Elderflower + Lemon

Pistachio + Rose

Salted Caramel Drip Cake!

Lady Grey

Coffee + Chocolate

Cupcake Flavours

Classic Vanilla

Classic Chocolate

Red Velvet



Black + White

Salted Caramel

PB + J



Cookie Dough




Sizes & Prices

Standard Cake: Prices start from just £29.99.

Sizes: Small (6″/Feeds: 10+),
Medium (8″/Feeds: 24+) & Large (9″/Feeds: 36+).


Tiered Cakes*: Prices start from just £59.99.

Sizes: Small (4″ cake on top of a 6″ cake. Feeds: 30+)
& Medium (6″ stacked on top of a 8″ cake. Feeds: 52+).


Individual Cake Slices: Prices from £2.60


Mini Cupcakes (1″): Prices from: £1


Medium Cupcakes (3″): Prices from: £2.45


Please note: 1) A minimum policy applies to some online orders.
2) Even larger sized cakes are available, simply contact us for more info.